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Why you need to consider Experiential Marketing at your next event

Today we live in a world of ever-evolving technology, in a mobile-first existence where images can be reshared on a multitude of social media platforms, sometimes to millions of people, in a matter of moments!

And as technologies progress, attention spans shrink and typical marketing methods just aren’t cutting the mustard. In fact, traditional advertisements, including banner and display ads – are creating an epidemic known as ‘ad fatigue’ in consumers. Signs of this range from disinterest to boredom, and even rage. Bad news for marketers.

However, the rise of experiential marketing seems to mark a clear way forward, and Henson Franklyn’s ‘experiential activation’ takes this innovative strategy to the next level.

Women using VR system

The science

The basis of experiential marketing is to tie the consumer and brand by engaging them in a truly memorable experience. Immersing a person in an interactive experience which promotes a positive response stirs up real emotions. As a result, customers are more likely to associate these sensations with that brand.

It’s science – positive experiences reward the brain with a shot of dopamine. This feel-good hormone, well, feels good! And your mind is always looking for ways to unleash more. When your subconscious recognises the brand which created a positive and even pleasurable feeling, it once again floods you with the happy hormone, basically implanting a smiley face badge on the synapses connected to the brand.

More Experiential Marketing benefits

Aside from bringing endless joy to your customers, prospects, and any other lucky passing souls; Experiential Marketing has many other advantages. These include;

1. Enhanced customer engagement

One of the most critical outcomes of an experiential marketing campaign is the advancement in customer engagement. A brilliant campaign can stimulate the desire for posting on social networks. As a result, you increase your global social media marketing bearing, with minimal to zilch investment!

2. The potential for epic on-the-ground consumer data capture

Knowledge is power – particularly when it comes to marketing, and these experiential campaigns offer a unique opportunity for data capture. Data supports product developers in innovating and improving for the future. The more, the merrier!

3. The nurturing of brand affinity and genuine connections

Encouraging authentic interaction during a campaign can work wonders for securing customer retention. Offering an opportunity for your clients to learn about you firsthand – adding a face to your business – nurtures the relationship between client and brand.


Experiential Marketing is a must for 2020; the age of ‘badverts’ is over. Millennials are a tougher crowd than the audience of yesteryear, and a call for more genuine, authentic and engaging marketing strategies has arrived.

With 25 years of experience, Henson Franklyn knows the right questions to ask, the right places to look and the strategies that’ll ultimately lead to your event’s success. If you’re looking to enhance your business by inciting real emotion and engagement in your event visitors, we can assist. Call 01427 718187 or complete an enquiry form today.