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Ways technology can make your exhibition stand more successful

‘Stand out’ – is what we are always challenged with, big space, small space, island site or in a run – everyone wants and needs stand out. This desire often results in your fellow exhibitors making their stands bigger, better and more extreme with each and every exhibition that goes by. Is this necessary?

If your product is good, relevant and displayed correctly it will make its’ own impression.

However, to gain that competitive edge, you need to take advantage of these developments in technology and you’ll have a great combination for success. Exhibitions are essentially a high-pressure sales environment when you want your product, brand or company to be noticed, and technology can often be the one thing that tips the balance.

Here are 3 reasons to use technology and breathe life into your next exhibition stand:

  1. To attract

Using the latest technologies, such as VR, AR or AI devices can really make your stand memorable. Having something that resonates with people, causes interest and entertains them will most certainly be memorable, whilst also being a great tool to spread word of mouth amongst visitors.

Create an environment where you have the opportunity to talk, even if technology has nothing to do with your business, at least you have visitors stopping and looking, that’s a good place to start. Grab their attention, you’ve opened a door.

  1. To connect

A basic but effective reason to have technology on your stand. Digital collection of relevant data, within the guides of GDPR, allows efficient and organised follow up. If they’ve taken the time to share information with you, then you can guarantee that you’ve made a pretty good impression.

  1. Positive experience

‘No bad experiences here’ could be you desired outcome. Make your stand is user friendly and interactive, people will be much more likely to enjoy visiting. Even if this doesn’t convert on the day, they will always associate that positive experience with your company. This should lead to future business later down the line.

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