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Trade show trends for 2018

When planning for next year’s busy trade show season, we think it is important to understand what trends you can expect in 2018 to direct your planning process. Here are our top trends for the 2018:

Technology is important

Incorporating technology in to your event stand has always been a necessity where appropriate. We’ve been doing it for years, but 2018 will be heavily technology reliant and your visitors will expect to collect information which is delivered in innovative and entertaining ways.

This doesn’t mean that your stand needs to be flashy, just accessible and appealing to people in a way so that it won’t fade in to the background. Quick and easy transfer of information is key.

You’re only human

Although people want to see good technology, that doesn’t mean that they want to talk to a robot. Human interaction is the most important factor in any trade show, looking your customers in the eye and understanding them is important. It enables your business to offer real, immediate support or advice to visitors, which they will appreciate above everything else.

Your stand should shout about you as a company and should sell your corporate message, so adding personalisation and a friendly vibe will make you approachable and memorable.

Keep your budget in mind

It’s understandable that you want to stand out and go the extra mile, but you must keep your budget in mind. Costs are always going up and sometimes going wild with your stand just isn’t feasible. If you invest your money and time in to finding long-lasting and flexible with a long term view, then all future shows will be more cost effective.

Make engagement meaningful

Engaging with your visitors is great, but if it doesn’t lead to anywhere, then what’s the point? People are becoming more aware that technology can make us unsociable, and so they want interaction which will battle to engage them, as well as being time-worthy. Be sure to give them a reason to keep in touch with you. Brand legacy should be a key focus for 2018.

Brand continuity

When taking your company on the road, it’s important to remember to bring your brand’s identity with you. Your brand is there to make you recognisable, so ensure that you incorporate this throughout the whole activation. Graphics, consistency and colour pallets and any unique finishing touches will all guide your stand to envision your brand.

Make it unique

Trade shows attract a large number of visitors, and so it’s important that you don’t fade in to the background or get lost in the noise. Having a distinctive stand will make you stand out above your competitors, whilst also giving your visitors a unique experience that they will remember.


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