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Top tips for designing a pop up shop

We’re in an age that has aptly been dubbed “the experience age”, an age where consumers would seemingly prefer to spend their money seeking out experiences rather than products.

Pop up shops and experiences are an ideal way to extend the reach of your company, putting yourself right in front of those experience-seeking customers.

When designing these activities it’s important to consider ways to effectively entice your customers and give them an immersive and memorable experience.

We’ve put together a list of tips to help you get the most from your activity:

  1. Goals and desired outcomesWhat is the aim? Are you simply getting your brand known, are you testing a new market, are you wanting to generate more leads? By having a clear goal, you will be in a better position to not only plan and design, but to measure your success afterwards too.
  2. Highlight your best featuresWhat message is most effective amongst your customers? Are your prices a key feature? Which of your products or services are most popular? To grab attention highlight your biggest benefit. Remember to make your activity open and inviting.
  3. Create a clear pathwayHave you ever been to a location where you struggle to make your way around, or are never sure where to start? Create a clear pathway where multiple people can access your displays, and help to guide your visitors in a certain direction. This helps customers in a small space and prevents them losing interest all together.
  4. Add a “wow” factorMuch easier said than done. However it’s important to make your activity a talking point. Technology can play a key part, whether you harness gesture control, augmented reality or digital projection, adding a “wow” factor can make for greater memories.
  5. Encourage your customers to increase your promotionHave a brand artefact, think about the source of your brand. Encourage interaction and promotion by your customers after their visit. Create an experience that your customers want to share. Consider interactive activities such as photo booths, and give the customer a great memento to take away and share.

If you would like any further advice on ways to make your pop up shop or experiential activity stand out, get in touch with our experts on 01427 718178.