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Top event trends for 2019

Innovation and technology development increases year by year, which brings with it many new and exciting opportunities for events and exhibitions.

Each year these innovations make events more exciting, more engaging and more memorable for participants. So, as we reach the end of 2018, what can we expect from events in 2019?

Here are some of the predicted trends for 2019:

  • Drone and camera technology

 Face mapping and drone technology can now feed directly into media servers, surrounding an audience with a 270-degree presentation if they want to. This will make events more immersive and can turn spectators into part of the presentation rather than simply watching it.

  • Smarter check-ins

This year, event organisers have begun to experiment with facial recognition technology, acknowledging its uses in speeding up the checking in process. This technology minimises queues, reduces amount of tickets printed and is automatically improving security with accurate face recognition.

  • Better marketing with data integration

Data integration and analytics are set to improve with smarter analysis of attendees. Imagine participants with their interests being adhered to and brought back directly into customer records. This kind of information can be more accurately personalised for each attendee and both marketing and the individual’s experience will be greatly improved.

  • Easy translation

In-time audio is a piece of software that makes translating information into different languages a breeze. Imagine international guests being able to translate guest speaker’s speeches directly from their phone, in real time…

  • Chatbots

Chatbots are another smart feature that help make event planning a breeze. They help to organise and follow up on customer service leads. They are easily integrated and can answer any questions that attendees have about their experience.

  • Quirky, creative venues

Unusual or offbeat venues are becoming more popular with event organisers. They help to generate a buzz and create unforgettable memories when an unexpected space is transformed into a valuable one.

  • Technology improving experiences

Technology really is the overarching feature of most event innovation. Digitalised driving, healthcare, self-diagnosis via the Internet of Things and tons of new product launches. Technology is going to make each event experience better tailored and more useful to each event guest, giving events a unique voice and in-depth knowledge that they may otherwise have missed.

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