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Three reasons you should consider a modular exhibition stand

Exhibitions are an excellent way to present your company ‘face’ to the world, showcase your products to an entire room of potential business partners or prospective customers and have a great time. The energy at such events is buzzing, and people are naturally more open to suggestion.

However, these events are notoriously busy and competitive. With so many other companies jostling for attention, your trade stand needs to stand out like a shining star in a dark sky.

To ensure your stand is attention grabbing, optimum stand design is crucial. It must advertise your brand concisely, make an impact from a distance, be sturdy and durable, AND cost-effective. Nowadays, many companies are opting for a modular exhibition stand design – here are our top three reasons to consider adopting such a stand this year…

1. They’re reusable

One of the greatest attributes of modular design is its reusable nature – they’re GREAT for companies who attend a few different exhibitions in a year. Because of this feature, the stands are more environmentally friendly than pop-ups. You can also arrange them in a few different ways, so depending on your position at the event, you could build the stand to utilise the space best. All exhibition graphics can be reused or modified to offer a different brand or message.

2. They’re budget-friendly

Businesses today are opting for modular exhibition stands over custom-built stands, mainly due to their brilliant affordability. These stands are of a high quality, which will see you through a few seasons of events, and although not as cheap as banner stands, you’ll get much more life out of them.

3. They’re really convenient

Exhibition planning and preparation can be stressful. Modular stands eliminate a large chunk of this stress with their simplicity and convenience. They’re easy to transport and simple to install and modify. This feature is yet another money-saver, as it eliminates any external costs associated with transport, and event set up, and pack down.

They are an ideal solution for companies who will sometimes exhibit in large spaces and sometimes only require a simple shell scheme at an event.

If you would like to find out how we can create an innovative and effective modular stand for you, get in touch with our experts on 01427 718178.