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The best games to make an impression at your exhibition stand

Interactive games are a great way to not only attract more customers, but to keep them there and create a buzz around your activity too.

People are naturally attracted towards busy places – the modern phenomenon of FOMO helps! So by increasing the number of people around the activity, you will likely see a good steady number of visitors.

Games with interaction give opportunity for data capture, it is a good plan – not new but good nonetheless! Keep it simple and easy to understand, set your desired outcome before you decide what game to use.

Here are some games around today, why not add one to your next exhibition stand:

Social Media games

Social Media games are not only very effective at getting visitors involved but they can act as a key promotional tool too, boosting your social media presence and raising awareness. Photo contests can be a great way to gain exposure, by simply using a hashtag associated with your brand and you increase brand awareness and easily pick a winner from the selection you receive.

VR/AR Gesture Control games

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are fairly new and exciting and can provide ways to engage your audience. With these alternate realities you can take visitors to different worlds, let them experience new things (including your product) and you can even hide clues to create a trail or direct visitors into hidden rooms to help them win prizes. The possibilities are endless! Be careful not to disengage your customers though, think carefully about how VR/AR can enhance your brand, not distract from it.

Cyclone games

An element of chance and skill can become really engaging for an audience. Cyclone games are often games where a challenge is set such as ‘collect as many balls as you can in 10 seconds’, and it can become intensely competitive if you choose to add a leaderboard with hourly prizes.

Wheel of Fortune games – simple and easy!

A prize wheel is a good way to start a conversation with visitors by explaining what prizes are available. Virtual prize wheels can be just as effective if presented on a screen such as a tablet or iPad. Questions on the game can be related to your product or service, product education is good too!

Arcade games

There’s nothing quite as recognisable as a classic Arcade game. They are great at drawing a crowd, pulling in visitors with lights, sounds and multiplayer options too. Enthusiasm is contagious.

As with all successful activations, be they stands or fan zones, they will only be as successful as the people you have running it. Sullen unhappy people will never draw a crowd, be careful who you instruct and the roles you give them. It will make a difference between good and great.

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