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How technology is changing the events industry

Technology is the driving force behind most recent advances in the events industry. With its fast-paced ability to get things done, technology is seemingly driving every sector with its mind-boggling innovations.

So, what are the latest impacts that technology is bringing to the events and ticketing industry?

  1. Mobile is replacing paper

Mobile ticketing is becoming one of the most popular trends. No longer must tickets be printed and brought to a show – events are becoming cashless, paperless and therefore far more convenient for customers. Mobile tickets make checking into an event easier than ever, with reduced queuing and easier controlled access.

  1. Hassle-free, big data technology

With digital tickets comes a whole bunch of customer data. A ticket scanning entry system means that event organisers and exhibitors can gather data using big data technology and use it to create more targeted marketing campaigns. By investing in big data software, venues and organisers can easily collect, process and analyse data quickly, smoothly and hassle-free.

  1. Fairer ticketing

With so many resellers, scalpers and promoters making the most of flipping tickets at a higher price, it has become difficult for consumers to navigate a good deal where the tickets are at a premium due to a maximum attendance. New ticket price comparison sites are giving consumers a fairer solution and offering them transparency that they have never experienced before. This technology guarantees that tickets are legitimate as well as fairly priced.

  1. Virtual Reality

As of right now, Virtual Reality (VR) is offering customers the chance to experience 360 degrees of the venue from their chosen seat, right from their phone or computer, before ever stepping into a stadium. VR is set to evolve and transform live events, is it possible that this could remove the need for physical attendance completely. Will this will open events upto a new, bigger audience, such as those who cannot otherwise afford expensive tickets.

It seems that new technologies are seriously improving the event experience for attendees, and soon – even for those not physically attending. Who knows what tomorrow may bring!

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