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Wayfinding & Signs

Signage is where we started so it’s an area we have the most experience in. We have been designing and installing sponsor advertising hoardings in fields and in stadiums, on the water and in the air, for years.

That’s right, you read that correctly – In the air!

If you can think of where you want your logo and message, the chances are we have put one there before. Our experience gives us the ability to say, ‘yes we can’.

Effective, quality signage

We know what to do to make your signage work for your company and for your event guests. We know how to design your signage to be effective, from a single pitch side ad board to the whole of The Lions Tour in Australia and New Zealand, we apply the same set of logical parameters to every project we work on.

Talk to us about creating signage solutions that reflect the quality of your company.

Wayfinding – how to find your way…

Directing large volumes of people is an essential task at a large exhibition or event. Not only do you want people to find their way, you want signage to be eye-catching, making it clear who you are and where guests can find you (or which area they need to find).

There is one timeless rule that we stick to ‘keep it clear, keep it simple’, too much information can provide sensory overload and sign blindness. Experience is key when designing wayfiding signage.

It is similarly important to get information across to the installation teams correctly. Clear installation instructions are just as critical as clear signage. Our on-site management skills help to keep control of installation as well as control of costs.

We have made signage for events with crowds of 150,000 plus in temporary venues. We know what works. Talk to us today to discuss your signage needs.