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Sponsorship Activation

The route to success with any sponsorship activity is in the thinking.
Asking the right question starting with – Why?

If the correct reasons are there for any decision then it has the best chances of succeeding. Ensuring that the correct decision has the best possible chance of success is where we come in. There has to be a reason to undertake a sponsorship of any activity, be it in the traditional areas of sport and the arts or in the more modern areas such as community support. The key to any such activity is obviously how you use it, how you communicate that relationship and what you want left after it has all finished.

We started when sponsorship activation was as extensive as installing a few banners at the match and hoping for some column inches in the paper the following morning. We have been a part of the industry as it has grown over the last thirty years and we have been privileged to have worked with clients from Asprey to Waitrose, working on properties as diverse as Polo to The Tate Gallery.

Audi Polo Backdrop Sponsorship

Getting it right, sharing your passion for your project and ensuring that the correct level of support and activity surrounds your programme enables us to deliver results time after time. We treat your brand as if it is our own, we look after the little details and we do whatever it takes to make it happen. We have a rich heritage in making brands look great at events.

Henson Franklyn provide activation solutions for some of the world’s leading brands, advising, creating and then delivering fully immersive campaigns that provide an authentic emotional connection on an individual level. Making the event immediately relate to the individual, creating an emotional reaction as part of the overall communication strategy.

Start and finish with Henson Franklyn, we will help you make it a success.