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Special Assignments

We know this sounds like we’re secret agents on a mission, but we really do accept all assignments. We have the knowledge, the knowhow and the dedication to deliver even the quirkiest productions and overcome conundrums.

Short time frame? No problem

Our experienced design and manufacturing team help turn around a tight deadline because we don’t have to sit in a production queue – everything is done in-house. We have such a big ‘can-do’ attitude that we are always determined to find solutions to any problem, no matter how quirky.

We love solving problems and make it our mission to deliver solutions at a reasonable budget, on time and having correctly assessed the different parameters that your special assignment is going to demand.

It’s the unusual projects that are the most memorable

If that’s not inspiring then we don’t know what is. We want projects that catch the eye, create a story, provide an immersive experience and are more memorable than ever before. Your success is our success, so that’s why we start with:

‘The answer is yes, now what is the question?’

We don’t judge, we encourage

There will be no sucking in of air through the teeth, raised eyebrows or incredulous looks, we will simply offer truthful answers to your queries and responsible conclusions as to how your project can be delivered. The Henson Frankly team will be at your side the whole way, excited to bring your ideas to life.

We don’t just deliver solutions, we nurture ideas, so look no further. Call us today to discuss your latest ideas. What are you waiting for!