Roadshows, be they single time locations or multiple venue and multiple timeframes, all require the same set of principles applying.

Preparation is paramount to roadshow success

There are many boxes that need to be ticked to make sure your roadshow will run smoothly and work efficiently, for example, will you be using multiple locations across multiple dates? Strong planning ability and experience is vital, and you couldn’t have a better team on your side with Henson Franklyn’s decades of experience.

There are also a number of potential hazards with a roadshow that might make it more daunting. Being prepared for the changing conditions, for example, set up and de-rigging comes with many rules and regulations surrounding riggers and drivers, and being diligent in location assessments is essential to avoid last minute stress.

Support, solutions, simplicity

We’ve been running roadshows for more than 25 years. From muddy fields to market squares, sports centres and boardrooms, we’ve seen the demands they make on your planning and ability to deliver on time.

Our experience has led us to please even the most demanding of companies in the country, and so we would be delighted to get it right for you too. We offer our full support to take away any headaches along the way. Some of the biggest troubles come from unexpected surprises, or from being underprepared. When it’s an event as complex as a roadshow, these are risks that simply aren’t worth taking.

We want to help your roadshow fulfil your ultimate objectives and goals. Talk to us today to see how we can help you.