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Pop-Up Events

Pop up events are more popular than ever before. In this world of fast change and trends that come and go, companies can stage experiences that create engaging, impactful platforms for a short period of time.

“Fleeting” shouldn’t also mean “less memorable”

Customers these days expect immediate gratification, they are easily bored and hugely favour companies who listen to their needs. Right now, pop up events cater to their lifestyles, but do they always capture their imaginations, create stories and indulge in an experience that is both memorable and lasting?

Be it a bar, a shop, virtual reality or a selfie-booth, we have designed, built, delivered and removed them all. Pop-up events offer new ways to build brand awareness and reach new audiences, but they also have more pressure to get it all ‘just right’. For all the effort that goes into creating an event, pop up events must give the illusion of “just happening”.

Great design is in the details

At Henson Franklyn, we understand that delivering a successful pop up event takes a lot of coordination, planning, designing and detail. Lots of detail. With pop up events being very popular at the moment, it’s important to make sure yours is memorable, that your story is shared and that you have done all you can do to ensure your brand goes home with your visitors.

There are extra difficulties involved when creating something that by definition can’t be formulaic, but that is why we offer our support and ideas, to help you create a truly memorable experience. We ask the right questions to ensure you make the best decisions, all the while keeping you on budget and on time.

Reliability in delivery comes from the quality of the people you work with. We have the experience and the skills to help you meet your goals. Take that first step and talk to us today.


The Team at Henson Franklyn understand the difficulties in creating something that by definition can’t be formulaic and that’s why we offer the support and ideas to create truly memorable experiences, asking the right questions, understanding the desired outcome and making the correct decisions.

We should be your partner of choice. It is about the people and how they want to deliver for you, not about the money or the budget. Reliability and delivery comes from the people within a business. After all, we should know – we have been doing it for nearly thirty years and doing it for some pretty amazing people.