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Marquee Fit-Out

Take a marquee and make it something else?

We do that; indeed we do that day after day with wonderful results!
For us, building in unusual spaces is routine. Making an impression but not leaving behind any signs that we have been there. Take a venue, be it temporary or permanent; we prepare the plans, create the design and theme, we build, transport and install. Creating amazing spaces for people to enjoy in any environment; sporting, business awards, hospitality, bars, presentations, media launches and team announcements.

It might seem simple, but understanding the nuances of making it all work, planning the detailed load in and out routines and delivering a space that works, thinking about catering requirements, routes for waiting staff, restocking, trophy positioning, lighting a complex operation. Experience tells us that to get it right you need to know the correct questions to ask!

Having delivered these projects, both large and small, for over twenty years to a myriad of clients, you really could not have a better team than ours at your side. Working with us enables you to relax and think about the crucial details of your event, not worry about the infrastructure and functionality. 

A creative focus on the actual deliverables for the project by our designers and CAD team gives you the confidence to focus on the desired outcome of your event; ultimately to ensure your guests, be they paying or otherwise, have a great time, think of your business in the best possible light and leave with the correct impression. The wheel, as they say, keeps turning, everyone gets more business and improves their profitability and we all keep creating opportunity. Henson Franklyn provide the environment for you to do what you need to do, not to worry about what we do – simple. No fuss. Just done.