Fan zones, sporting community extension areas, public gatherings in a common spirit, call them what you will, but the commercial alignment with sport and public events has grown exponentially over the past decade. Having been working within the sports and events world for the last 30 years collectively we have a huge amount of experience in what works and what doesn’t. What is the legacy you are looking for? What giveaway or brand artefact are you planning? How to attract attention, create a lasting engagement and most important of all generate the desire for share-ability.

Understanding the clients’ message has to be the first and most important aspect of any Fan Zone activation, what does the client want the audience to feel and think about them? If we can understand this we can design an activity that delivers. Budget budget budget – why does great opportunity so often start with the budget conversation. We approach from the other side, what is it that is important to the client, how can we achieve this within the prescribed budget. It is usually achievable and always more successful from this angle.

Clarity of message in this crowded playground is paramount, a fully planned and quite simply joined up programme of activity across all channels will help to deliver the required outcome. Disjointed badly thought out and poorly planned activity will always be tarnished by lost opportunity. This is why we are the partners of so many great brands, we use all of our experience and expertise to ensure we spot the negatives with an activity and encourage a full and robust planning period before any designs even get started.

If we plan and think hard then the activity is more successful. Our client list and testimonials speak for themselves, 30 years of happy clients can’t be wrong, we simply think about it and deliver. No fuss. Just done.