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Experiential Activation

One of the most successful ways of being remembered at an event is to create an environment that your guests can connect with emotionally. More often than not, an experience is better remembered when it’s been experienced by multiple senses.

Creating an immersive and emotive environment

Trying to put your finger on exactly what experiential activations are is often difficult, that’s why so many great companies come to Henson Franklyn for help. We not only have the expertise to assist you but we relish in the challenge. We want to help your event experience create long lasting and impactful memories, encouraging your customers to keep coming back for more.

There is so much marketing noise out there, that it can be hard to see what might be the most successful avenue to explore. Leaning on our experience will increase your success dramatically. We have worked for some of the worlds’ leading brands, making their ideas a reality.

Quality experiences that reflect the quality of your company

We know what it takes to make your ideas happen, to ensure that your activity stands out, is clearly defined, well delivered and most of all: represents your brand most effectively.

We know the right questions to ask, we know the right places to look and we create strategies that ultimately lead to your event’s success. If you’re looking to increase your business by inspiring and engaging your event visitors, we can help.

Our 25 years of experience helps us create fun and interactive spaces, let’s create one for you.

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