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Brand Overlay

Whoever came up with the phrase ‘brand overlay’ when what they really mean is signage to make your brand look great. Take a venue, make it yours and yours alone then the outcome of your association with the sport or event is complete. Why start at all if you are not going to make an impression on the site at the point of delivery with the added benefit of this exposure being seen across all channels including the ‘holy grail’ of communication tools ‘social media’?. Why simply focus on the on the day attendees, why not see if you can scoop up an additional few thousand willing and receptive consumers and roll the entire communications plan through your activity?. It seems to make sense to us.

However ‘i to i’ (idea to implementation) can be harder than at first seems, so you need an expert at your side to advise and explore the best ways to deliver, whilst you focus hard on the main game of comms planning and delivery. Why learn the lessons hard fought for by us? Why experiment with what might work when we already know and pitfalls and can help deliver the different whilst ensuring the chances of success are high?

To achieve successful ‘brand overlay’ needs thought and detailed delivery, Henson Franklyn is behind many successful events and projects. Our teams have detailed industry experience and will make a difference to your event activation. In simple terms, we do what we say we are going to do and we have a reputation for strong customer service and delivery. We understand.

Making a venue yours can make the difference between success and failure on the day. Ensuring that the public see what it is you set out to achieve might not be the highest priority when the project is conceived. However on event ‘look and feel’ and making the signage work matters on the day and provides a legacy for your brand.

Burghley Brand Overlay