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Brand Overlay

Brand overlay is a technical way of saying “signage”, and we have the skills to help you make the most out of yours.

Signage is a huge part of any event, it is one of the first things guests will see and provides a legacy for your brand. When making a first impression is hugely important, make sure you choose the best company for the job.

Spreading your brand across a venue is an effective way to promote your company and your message. Seeing your colours, fonts and logos around a venue helps you to cement yourself into the minds of attendees.

More brand overlay means more exposure

Many attendees take photos at events to post on social media and other platforms. The more signage and brand overlay you have at the venue, in strategic places, the more your brand will be seen and get noticed.

Investing in brand overlay gives your company that ultimate valuable exposure, scoop up an additional few thousand consumers by planning your brand overlay with branding experts like us.

Work with the signage experts

Making a venue yours can make the difference between success and failure on the day. We will help you ensure that the public see what it is you set out to achieve, advising you on your best options and exploring your ideas so that you can focus hard on other areas of your event.

Together, we will make your next event the most successful yet. Contact our team today.

Burghley Brand Overlay