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Reducing environmental impact. An insight into the sustainability work undertaken here at Henson Franklyn

Over the last thirty years, Henson Franklyn have gradually planted up the areas around their premises with thousands of hedges and trees. We take our impact on the environment very seriously and, although we are realistic about what difference one small company can make, we know that by doing our bit we are contributing to the broader picture and together we will all make a difference.

With an important premise of ‘little and often’, we have planted 1,000 trees in the field next to one of our warehouses this year alone.

A variety of British natural tree species have been planted along with a variety of shrubs to encourage ground cover beneath the trees in future years. We are hopeful that we will all be able to enjoy the woodland as well as appreciating the benefit we have all gained from planting them.

They all went in the ground in ideal conditions, and so we stand a good chance for a broad take up and strong growth and survival rates. We will of course monitor growth and replace trees that don’t take and of course we are on stand-by to get the irrigator out and water them if required during the summer, particularly if it is similar to last year!