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How personalisation can improve the results of your stand

Personalisation separates you from your competitors and showcases what make you unique. Here are the top four reasons to break away from the standard exhibition ‘pop up’ stand and try something more:

1)  Your stand represents your company

As the saying goes, you don’t get a second chance to make a great first impression. Exhibitions are busy places full of potential customers who are inundated with lots to see and do. If you want to attract people to your stand then you must stand out from the crowd. A simple, run of the mill exhibition stand won’t make this happen. You’ll just blend in to the background.

Your company is special, there is a reason why you are so successful and your customers keep coming back again and again. A great exhibition stand will embody your uniqueness. Personalisation is the key to being recognised as the incredible brand you are.

2)  Your stand is your stage

Break a leg as they say in the industry, but with a great exhibition stand you won’t need good luck, the stand will set you up for great rapport with your customers.

You’ve worked day and night through all channels for the past 6 months to gain an audience at this event, make sure you have the right stage to perform on. An empty one won’t capture your audience and allow them to buy into the products and services your company offers in the same way a personalised stage full of prompts will. Don’t expect them to know what makes you great and the number one choice in your industry, show them.

3)  Your stand should be unique, but simple

Make it simple and functional and it will be powerful, engaging and easy to remember. A personalised stand shouldn’t be a flurry of too many ideas, even if they are great. Stick with one or two powerful and innovative ways to personalise your stand, then go the extra step to make sure they are phenomenal. First impressions are powerful and not very easy to undo. If your stand wows, then that’s how your potential customers will remember you. If they only take away one memory make sure it is yours.

4)  Your stand should capture attention (and keep it)

With so much to see and do, how do you keep potential customers at your stand even if they have noticed it? Dwell time needs to be correct.

Personalisation means you can add unique features to your stand to ensure visitors not only admire it, but engage with it too.

There’s so little time to make an impression, getting things right first time is the only option. Think big and the visitors to your stand will too.

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