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Is your personal taste damaging your chances of exhibition success?

Exhibition stands are wild and wonderful things. Some are simple and corporate, others are crazy and eccentric, and for that reason, it can be difficult not to let your personal taste stand in the way.

Imagine that your favourite colour is yellow, your favourite fruit is a banana and your favourite TV show is The Simpsons. Although you clearly love all things bright and yellow, that doesn’t necessarily mean that yellow will match your branding and business message.

Unfortunately, many exhibitors are often compelled to go with their own tastes and opinions, meaning that their stand isn’t as appealing to visitors as it has the potential to be.

And this concept works with everything.

If you were looking to rent a house and your potential new living room was decorated with all things pink and fluffy, you might not be as inclined to rent it, compared to if it was a blank canvas.

People are easily put off by anything that doesn’t immediately appeal to them, and as an exhibitor, this is an easy mistake to make if you’re listening to what you want, over what your audience want.

Having said this, it’s not a good idea to go into an exhibition with a stand that you hate. There needs to be balance between making your stand innovative and eye-catching whilst also having to compromise slightly on style.

Would having a drone at your stand send the wrong message? Or would it attract the perfect audience?

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