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Old-fashioned tactics to make the most of your modern exhibition stand

Modern technology gives us some amazing tools for exhibition stands…digital signage, interactive tech, augmented reality – in 2018 the possibilities will only be as limited as your imagination.

Using the latest tech showcases the innovative, modern and forward-thinking side to your business. It also allows you to create a buzz, a high level of attraction (and fun) around your exhibition stand, and is guaranteed to draw the crowds in.

Although technology is an incredible tool for attracting visitors and providing them with a memorable experience, remember that ultimately, people buy from people. In order to ensure ultimate success on the day, you also need a tool that enables communication.

Concentrate too heavily on just tech, and it can easily leave your stand somewhat ‘dressed up’ but with no tools to communicate…

Here are 3 old-fashioned (but not outdated) stand additions that enable communication and ensure you get the most from your exhibition stand:

  1. A place for handouts

Leaflets and printed information can be a powerful tool, not just as something for the visitors to your stand to take away with them, but also as a source of information for yourself to illustrate your sales patter. Make sure you choose your handouts wisely…make sure they support the message you want to give on the day and are relevant for your audience. If you want to generate leads; make sure you bring tools to sell. If you’re looking to boost awareness, bring leaflets that illustrate who you are.

  1. A place to showcase your giveaways

Never underestimate the power of gift…the visitors to your stand have given you their time; giving them something back in return will highlight how much you value this. Try to be as creative as possible, people are so used to being given a pen or a cake…try to give away something that you feel embodies the same quality as the product or services you are selling.

Stuck for gift ideas? Answer these 3 questions designed to help inspire the perfect gift giveaway for you:

  • What problem does your product or service solve?
    Is there a giveaway product that offers the same solution?
  • Can you brand it?
    A gift should help your brand remain memorable, make sure it’s your name they are remembering and not the brand of the gift.
  • Make sure your gift’s brand design contains a call to action.
    Sometimes business cards get lost, and leaflets get mixed up amidst the other exhibitioners, but a thoughtful gift can stand the test of the day. Try to find a way to ensure that if it’s the only thing left in your visitor’s hands at the end of the day then there is a way for them to contact you.
  1. A place for business cards

This is one old-fashioned marketing trick that is still as powerful as ever. A well designed, brand embodied, simple yet effective business card is still one of the best call to actions.

Your business card should have:

  • Your company logo
  • Your company name
  • Your full name and position
  • Work telephone number
  • Work email address

All successful conversations should end with a powerful business card.

Combine these old-fashioned (tried and tested) methods with some new tech and you’ll be working your stand to ensure the optimum success on the day.

You spend weeks refining a design that people see for seconds. There’s so little time to make an impression, and so little time to get your message across. Getting things right first time is the only option.

Henson Franklyn can help you realise your exhibition dreams. Our team of designers can help you fit everything you need into your exhibition space, no matter what the size. Refuse to compromise – call us today 01427 718 178…we love a challenge.