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How to maximise your ROI at a trade show

While many brands have been putting a lot of their marketing budget into digital marketing in 2018, trade shows are still proving to be a powerful way for brands to showcase their products/services and target their potential customers effectively. Trade shows allow customers to get up close and personal with your business. They also allow your sales team to engage more effectively with potential customers and those that might be blocked by ‘gatekeepers’ over the phone.

However, with tight budgets impacting marketing activities, it’s becoming even more important for events managers and marketing managers to demonstrate the ROI achieved from exhibiting at these events.

So…how to maximise your return on investment from your next exhibition? Here are our top tips:

  1. Get the calculator out

To calculate ROI, establishing accurate total exhibition costs enables you and establish the financial worth of each customer/prospect. This determines the value of exhibiting at the event, allowing you to make a decision about if it is worth investing into the following year. You should also need consider your objectives of exhibiting…is it for lead generation? Or for PR purposes? Or even customer research? It is important to establish your objectives at the outset so you know what you need to do for them to be achieved. Start at desired outcome and work backwards.

  1. Invest in a high-quality exhibition stand

Want to make a big impact? Want to stand out from your competitors? Then you need a stand that will enable your brand and product to be clearly defined and represent you appropriately. Good engagement will then follow. Think about key messaging, best use of space, what type of stand and design would make your brand ‘shine’, and whether technology can be integrated to offer exciting features that will bring your customers to your stand – and keep them there.

  1. Improve visitor engagement

Of course having a great looking stand is essential, but it also needs to attract the right people.  You need to ensure it delivers a visual impact and incentivises visitors to remain, return and engage with your team. Do you know what your target ‘dwell time’ is? Read our top tips about using technology to make your exhibition stand more successful here.

  1. Data. Data. Data

The world is changing, data is crucial to making the correct decisions throughout your planning process which in turn helps to make marketing and exhibiting more successful. It is important to collect data at events to ensure you can provide visitors with the information they need and offer a great after show experience.

With advances in technology, there is no need to collect leads via pen and paper. Simply integrate your CRM system with your stand for post-event follow up and allow your team to generate beneficial conversations with even more potential customers on the day.

At Henson Franklyn, we understand the effort that goes into preparing for exhibitions, and we would love to make your job easier. If you would like to know how we can help your exhibition stand achieve a better ROI at your next event, get in touch today.