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Marmite’s Winter Routine

As promised I told you that I would let you know more of my escapades down at the yard with the Henson Franklyn Team, and so here goes, I have had some fun and I simply must let you know what I managed to pull off today.  More of that later…

So it is now officially winter – I don’t like to get up before there is enough light, there is no point if I can’t see the gate. Keeping a watchful eye on the comings and goings ensuring that nothing happens without me, so early mornings I really just bury myself under my blanket and pretend not to be awake until I have to, even though I need to go outside I am pretty good a holding on until there is enough light to see! I like to be out by 7.30 though as some of the guys turn up about then.

My bed at home is pretty untidy and so I can keep lots of stuff in there along with the toys I have to show off to the humans! I have been learning a new trick, which makes them all smile, I get the stuffed teddy to grab it in my mouth and throw it into the air. When it lands, I jump on it with my paws and pretend to pull it apart – great fun. Val (the boss’ Mum) is always giving me bits of biscuit and this trick always grabs her attention, easy pickings really.

My major problem at this time of year are the doors, the big warehouse doors are open, but the smaller people doors tend to be closed to keep the warmth in (or is that meant to keep me out!). However, where there is a will there is a way and I normally sneak in somewhere to have a look around.

So back to the winter chill. Not being out and about so much does not stop me from ensuring I know exactly what is going on. My small rug on the windowsill is just above a radiator and so I can sit there looking out of the window and keep lovely and warm. Brin, who helps get stuff done around the place, comes round at 8am most mornings and I listen to them making plans for the day. If I can, I escape to ‘do the rounds’ and make plans for mine.

So back to one of my best stunts yet!

The boss has decided that the yard needs a good clean and is replacing the tarmac with concrete – it is going to be so much nicer for my paws. I have been out and inspected the diggers and the team putting shuttering in and making levels with lasers and all sorts of things and eagerly waiting for this day to come.

Cold morning this morning, so I did not really fancy going out too much and anyway Bill (the bosses Dad) has got a bad knee so we have only been on short walks recently. However, I could not believe it the moment I had been waiting for ever since I overhead about the concreting…the first concrete lorry arrived!

I wanted to get out and watch it being poured, but I could not for an hour or so – I was getting quite frustrated. Anyway eventually I made enough fuss and Bill and I went to take a look, I couldn’t help it, it looked so smooth I just had to run on it. Oh dear, what a fuss, you would have thought the moon had cascaded in on the yard, people running everywhere and shouting at me, so I ran about a bit and then jumped out and looked at what I had done – simply the best fun yet!

More soon when I have thought of the next stunt that I have designed to excite the humans…