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Making live experiences memorable

The great thing about live experiences is that they make physical connections which are automatically more memorable than other types of connection. When a consumer is immersed in an environment that they can touch, it creates an emotional response which builds a stronger bond.

However, with so many companies and brands fighting for the same level of attention with their own live experiences, how can you make sure yours stays memorable? Your experience should excel and we’d like to share some inside knowledge on how to succeed.

Here are our top tips in ensuring your live experiences make an impact that lasts:

Show that you care about your impact

The current audience demographic is much more socially and ethically conscious than previous generations, they like to research brands, they like to reach out and make genuine connections. They want to connect with companies that care, not only about them but about their environment and their impact.

Identify key stakeholders and design for them

Knowing your audience well gives you a better insight into how you can become more memorable to them. Identify your key stakeholders, are you looking for influencers, participants, sponsors, funders, more staff? Design your experiences with your key stakeholder in mind, in order of importance.

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Tug at heartstrings and create real moments

Focus beyond creating a great event, focus on making an impact with your event. Take your audience on a journey, engage their senses, tell your story and give them a reason to feel invested. Don’t just show them your end product or services, show them your soul and how you came to be. People remember people, more than products.

Use the experience as an experiment

The beauty of creating a physical experience is that you can talk to your customers directly and find out exactly what they want, in person. Make notes about your findings and show that you’re listening, invested in their story and caring towards their needs. Although there is a lot of cool technology out there (which we’ll look into next), remember that simplicity and human interactivity can stand out too.

Encourage audiences to make memories with you

One of the best ways to connect with an audience is to help them create brand new memories. Let them experience your products or services first-hand, give them a memento, give them Photo Booth props to play with and branded photos to take home. Show them new technology, let them play with VR headsets or something they wouldn’t usually get to experience. When you become the talking point of the day, that’s when you know for sure you’ll be remembered.

If you’d like any assistance with your upcoming event, we have more than 25 years of experience working with brands across the world. Let us know how we can help on 01427 718178.