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How to make the most of your exhibition stand on the day

When it comes to trade shows, impact is everything. What makes a good stand? What makes a stand memorable? And what makes a stand eye catching?

We’ve compiled a list of top tips to help your stand attract new clients and, most importantly, make sales.

  1. Clear messaging

An immediate and memorable impact is what you’re looking to make during a busy trade show. With so many things to look at, visitors need to know exactly what it is that you do. Your message should also show a clear glimpse into what your brand is all about. Think concise: would a stranger know instantly why they should use you and what services you can provide them with? Review the messaging outside your team at stages during the design process.

  1. Show that you’ve made an effort

With so much instant competition right next to you at a trade show, companies that make the least effort will quickly stand out, for all the wrong reasons. Making no effort with your stand will portray a negative message on your business; badly thought out and badly displayed graphics and product make zero impact and passersby won’t want to trade their efforts with a company that hasn’t made any of their own.

  1. How big is too big?

There’s a good argument here that large stands make more of an impact, but a well designed, well thought out (small) stand can look just as impressive. If you go too big, you could actually lose impact by not having a strong enough message and product on display to fill it. Think about what size matches your company and your brand. If you want to stay small and friendly and attract a few goods leads then think about how you will do that during the event.

  1. Get in contact with the organiser

Each exhibition and show is different and organised in different ways. Organisers are always happy to discuss what will work best if the show is new to you, they have a vested interest in making it work for you, they also have experience of what does and what does not work at their event. It is good advice to contact the organiser and ask them for an insight into previous shows, to share their knowledge of other exhibitors and find what is available within the space.

  1. Consider going live

Demonstrations, presentations and creating an immersive experience for visitors is a great way to make your company & product more relevant. People enjoy a bit of theatre and are drawn to crowds, so by educating your audience you also attract more. Hearing companies speak also makes them more memorable, more approachable and will convert more sales.

  1. Pre and post-show marketing

Pre and post-show marketing is so important to promote your stand, create footfall and attract an audience. If you’re planning on doing a demonstration or launching a product or service, then it’s vital that you shout about it and tell people where and when to find you. Thinking the maximum benefit from an event can achieved between the live event dates could be a lost opportunity. Each event deserves a full communication plan to support it. Think internal as well as external.

If you have an important event or show coming up and could benefit from our decades of exhibition expertise, give our team a call on 01427 718178 and we’ll be happy to help.