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Make a big impact with effective large-format printing

Large wall to wall seamless graphics can really help your exhibition stand out at a show. Big items really do make a big impact, but large-formats bring with them extra pressure for high quality.

If there’s a pixel out of place on a small poster, it’s unlikely anybody would notice, but when you blow that up to the size of a wall, quality becomes the key influencer.

There are also a few printing rules and regulations around large-format designs which can be incredibly beneficial to know. So, we’re here to share our printing wisdom, making sure your designs make a strong impact for all the right reasons.

Stick to vector formats

Designing for print works with bitmaps, and these bitmaps have different formats. You might be familiar with JPEGs, GIFs and PNGs, for example, but JPEGs can become pixellated in large sizes. Vector formats (such as .AI or .EPS) use mathematical equations which keep images sharp when scaled.

Design in CMYK mode

Printers use CMYK and can adjust the colours you choose on-screen accordingly. It’s always better to design using CMYK so that you know exactly what colour you’ll be getting when it’s printed.

Pick a small colour palette

Two or three colours is all you need when printing large. Having a busier design or colour palette can be overwhelming for the viewer.

Choose a medium font

Use a font that is well-spaced and has clear gaps between the letters, but style is important. Too bold and your text can look overloaded, too thin and your text can get lost!

Before printing, look from a distance

This will help you to see if your design is too cluttered, easily legible and eye-catching enough! It’s a hard balance to achieve, but very important to be both interesting and clear.

Print with us:

We’ve been printing in-house for more than 25 years, keeping prints at a high quality you can trust.

From flatbed straight to media printers, roll to roll, large or small, we have what it takes to pride you with the highest quality large-format prints from the latest technology.

Whatever your exhibition or stand size, we say “yes, we can do that.” For any further expert advice about printing for your next event, get in touch with our team on 01427 718178.