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Do I need my wellies?

Exhibition veterans will be well aware of all the things to consider when planning a successful display, activity or experiential fan zone engagement.  From making sure you have the right space and planning logistics, to having the correct coloured pen…and for those exhibiting outdoors, the weather.

As the saying goes, ‘worry about the things you can control, and not those that you can’t.’  Although the weather is something you cannot control, one thing you can control is how your activity will cope with both the best and worst conditions.

It may seem like the easy option to just use the same gear that you used at the last indoor event – what could possibly go wrong?

Below we have done some basic thinking for you, outdoors is very much ‘failing to plan is planning to fail’ you can’t rely on the event organisers to bail you out for your lack of planning, they have enough to do!

A gust of wind

The last thing you want to be doing when you are meant to be meeting prospective clients is spending all of your time picking up displays and propping up stands with random objects, bits of string and old bricks.  If you are using an indoor display in windy conditions, you might end up doing just that.  Make sure that you choose a display that can withstand the breeze.  Outdoor displays are rated using the Beaufort scale, so if you have an idea as to what the weather conditions could potentially be like, you can ensure that you have the right gear on the day.

The pain of rain

Even in the height of summer, you may find yourself running for cover due to rainfall… especially in the UK. As a result, you’ll need a display that lends itself to all conditions.  It is important to ensure that outdoor products are printed on PVC substrates as these will be water resistant enough to see you through the light showers. Proper tentage that is ‘fit for purpose’ and correctly installed is vital. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and make sure you have all the pieces required before you leave the office.

The sun has got his hat on

As with many printed products, prolonged exposure to sunlight can make visuals fade dramatically.  However, there is a solution! You can get your products printed in UV stable inks, making them much more fade resistant, giving you peace of mind on the brightest of days.

Need some help for your next event?

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