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Henson Franklyn’s top tips for manning an exhibition stand

Exhibitions are fantastic opportunities to network, find new prospects and market your business. Manning a stand also brings around the opportunity to build your interpersonal skills and refine your sales pitch.

We’ve all had experiences where sales people are too pushy or not helpful enough, so it’s important to find the right balance not only for your company, but for the varied audience of exhibition attendees. Once you’ve discovered exactly what each visitor wants from the exhibition, then you’ll have a clear outcome in mind for each interaction.

After putting hours of work into planning, preparing for and setting up an exhibition, many people fail to take the last step in the process which is good thinking and planning behind staff briefings, aims and desired outcomes.


Shout about your location

Use the build up to the show for a co-ordinated communications plan. The advent of social media has made it so much easier to share the location of the exhibition and to encourage others to attend. The support of people who already follow you is very useful.

Prioritise next steps

An exhibition can be physically exhausting, make sure the after event activity is well planned prior to the event itself. Follow up ‘second touch’ is vital in the networking process. Your team should do what they say are going to do at the event.

Get a good night’s sleep ….

…and take lots of scheduled breaks during the day. Don’t stay in the hotel bar all night, challenging enough without starting the day exhausted! Keep your momentum high.

Smile a natural amount

This may sound strange, but staring at people too much or grinning wildly can actually have an effect that is the opposite of inviting. Don’t stand around looking bored, be you and be interested.

Enjoy yourself

This is an easy one to forget when you’re busy, but it’s important to listen to others, absorb new information and look how to do it better next time!

We wish you the best of luck at your exhibition.

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