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Event Fan Zones – What works and what doesn’t

Having worked within the sports and events world for the last 30 years, collectively we have seen many different fan zones make their way into events.

What is a fan zone?

A fan zone is the name for an area or public space which has been designed for fans without tickets, allowing them to come together and still feel part of the action.

The concept has really taken off over the past decade. Often created close to the actual ‘field of play’, fan zones are created at all manner of sporting venues. Usually open up hours before the main event gets underway and often remaining open following the final whistle.

They are also known as fan villages and community extension areas in some places.

How to make a fan zone work for your brand:

Remember that you’re looking to attract attention, create a lasting impression, encourage engagement and immersive activation and continually generate the desire for visitors to share your efforts with their wider social media network.

1. A clear message In any crowded environment, clarity of message is the number one factor between success and failure. Will the audience know what your brand is trying to achieve? Ask yourself does it need to be solely brand focused? Is the best activity one that resonates with your brand but also delivers a great experience?

2. Stay true to your brand Does your fan zone idea successfully deliver the desired brand message? It’s easy to get caught up in fancy technology and visuals, but the audience needs to get a true feel for

the message in quick time and grab their attention over anyone else’s activity during the limited time available.

3. Put the audience first What is it that is truly important to your audience? What do they need and what do they feel? Step into their shoes to make sure you’re offering the best experience for them.

4. Work around your budget Budget is particularly important for a fan zone activation because it can meet just about any budget at all! Use your budget as inspiration rather than a limitation.

5. Partner with great brands We have partnered with many great brands over the past 30 years. Having strong, reliable partners enables you to fully plan and actually deliver your desired outcome. Who else is involved and are they interested in collaboration?

6. Plan, prepare, deliver The more you plan and prepare, the smoother your activation will run. Plan a schedule, plan your space and plan to succeed. That’s what our experience has taught us.

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