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Digital signage vs traditional signage…which is best for your event?

When investing in signage for an event, it can often be difficult to know which direction to go in. You want something that will stand out, be cost effective and ideally stand the test of time. Traditional printed displays have been around for years and work brilliantly, but more recently digital solutions have begun to rise and dominate events.

So which is best, digital or traditional? We compare the beneficial elements of both, to help you make a fair decision of what type is best for your event.


Digital signage will be more expensive for the initial purchase, but when measured against the long term benefits, digital signage is often better value for money. Printed media can be more easily damaged and will need to be replaced when information such as pricing information requires an update. Digital signage can be simply updated to suit and therefore lasts much longer.


For grabbing the attention of event goers, it’s fair to say that digital signage has more of an impact. The information can be easily read, the words can be updated to suit different audiences and in darker environments the light in digital signage makes it far more eye catching than printed media.

The Environment

Many companies are showing that they care for the wellbeing of the environment by adopting planet friendly policies. When you consider the printing, delivering, distribution and disposal of print signage, then digital signage produces much less waste. Digital signage is often seen as an upgrade of corporate responsibility, as well as an upgrade in technology.


Another benefit feature with digital signage is the element of interactivity they can provide for event goers. You can include features such as touch capability and create real connections with the audience you’re targeting.

To us, it seems that digital signage may be the way forward when it comes to customer engagement, especially in an environment where you want to stand out and be remembered.

Having provided signage for events and exhibitions for crowds of 500 people to 160,000 people, we know a thing or two about what works and what doesn’t. If you would like any information about the wayfinding and signage services we provide, get in touch today and email at