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Digital innovations are enhancing events

The UK’s events industry continues to grow each year. As a sector, it is now worth more than £42.3 billion, with B2B events overseeing 1.3 million conferences, seminars and networking sessions annually.

Believe it or not, the UK is one of the highest ranked countries in the world when it comes to hosting business events, coming third in 2015, 2016 and 2018 ICCCA rankings. It is inarguably a powerful tool that will help to protect the UK’s position, being one that leads the way in event innovation.

The impact of Brexit on upcoming events:

The events industry definitely relies on international investment and trade. With current trade relationships helping to keep the sector strong, Brexit could indeed bring around a new challenge for event organisers. Now more than ever, it is important to keep innovation high and continue to attract a new and exciting audience.

Here are some of the larger digital innovations you could implement at your next event:

Cashless transactions

More and more of the population are abandoning physical cash and choosing safer, convenient alternatives such as ApplePay and contactless card payments. Recent research by tappit showed that 73 per cent of respondents would prefer to go cashless.

Thanks to RFID technology, event organises are now promoting “cashless” events, with recent festivals such as 2000 Trees being 100 per cent cashless.

This is an initiate that is highly praised, not just because it’s more efficient, safer and more convenient for attendees, but because it caters to customer demand.

Fast Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi is essential at an event. It helps to keep attendees connected with the companies and products they interact with. It also helps build awareness when they can research more about you online and enables them to share their exciting new findings across social media.

Fast and reliable Wi-Fi extends the reach of not only your event, but of the attendees who have paid money to be a part of it.


Similar to the convenience of Wi-Fi, consider setting up an app for your event. Apps can show people what activities are on offer, provide a useful map of the event, timetables, handy notifications and can also prompt users to provide real-time feedback to help enhance their experience.

An app will also stay on guest’s phones after the event has ended, making them easier to contact for post-event feedback.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) can help an event stand out and make it more memorable. Attendees tend to remember experiences better when they interact with them and feel excited by something new and immersive. In drawing a crowd, VR is a great way to go.

Marketing technology

Marketing an event is notoriously time consuming, but luckily there are digital innovations that are making advertising and promotion much easier.

Technologies such as Event can simplify the process of attracting new attendees, building up a network of parent websites and offers tools to help promote the event to a wider audience. This will help boost visibility and will be key in attracting attendees.

After all, what use is a great customer experience without customers?

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