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A day in the life of Danny…

Waking up in my sleepy village a few miles away from work is always good, a little bit of peace and quiet before the day starts. Thoughts are always ‘what will today bring?’

Days, in my role, are rarely the same. Vehicles, staff, equipment, venues, clients, client handlers as well as meetings and planning to keep the place rolling and ensuring we keep every single ball we have in the air!

So I get up at about 6am each day and take Ruby (my mad Labrador) for a stroll, if it’s a nice day I might take her along the river bank before I get to work (if not we make sure there is time for a walk at lunchtime), but mostly it is to let her out to stretch her legs and then we are on the way.

If the phone has not rung before we leave home it all starts to kick off when we arrive, mostly for Ruby as she has to check everything is in place and try to stay out of the office for as long as she can pretending to be deaf and running around the carpark and getting into as much as she can before she has to take up residence on ‘her’ chair in my office, #LifeOfRiley!

Once I get settled in with a coffee I wander next door into the operations department to ensure that all the team have arrived and know what they are doing. Fergus who runs that department normally has them up and running and has sorted the team out, but there are often bits and pieces he would like to chat about.

Depending on what jobs we have going on,  depends upon what I do next, but most of the first hours can be spent talking to the teams, either sales or operations, to help them achieve their aims for the day and advise as to what we need and when, so we can make more plans. Plans are not what I enjoy, but the business will not survive if we don’t do the planning. Therefore a major part of my day is normally spent thinking about the jobs, what transport and equipment is required, what staff are required and then finding solutions to the challenges and then making sure we deliver those solutions for our clients.

Lunchtime means more running about and normally fetching something to eat from the village and making sure Ruby has some sort of walk or run to keep her happy! Eating normally takes place on the hoof as the day never stands still and we need to keep pushing all the time to survive in our ‘deadlinecentric’ world. Never has the phrase ‘time and tide waits for no man’ been more appropriate as every day brings a series of time sensitive points along the project management timeline that we have to hit, so checking and making sure is a big part of my day.

Normally we have to have a meeting or two during the course of the day and so we schedule these later on so that the day to day stuff is out of the way and we can see some clear water and then we start planning once again for another job or briefing the fitting teams who will do the work on the ground. During the day I always get on the phone to the teams that are out there to ensure they are happy with what they are doing, not only today but also for the following days, as sometimes they don’t come back to the yard all week, but go from job to job.

End of the day I normally try to leave on time, my role means I spend quite a lot of time visiting events with long days on the road so I try to make the most of the days I am in the office by getting home in reasonable time to enjoy the rest of the day.

Evenings are spent with friends or walking the dog, perhaps my favourite evening is a BBQ on my deck followed by an early night, snoooozzzinnggg!