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Customer Case Study: Badminton Horse Trials

The Badminton Horse Trials is one of the most well-known, five star equine events in the country. It is a five-day event that is one of only six annual Concours Complet International (CCI) events that take place annually.

The event attracts as many as 200,000 attendees and is located in the park of Badminton House in South Gloucester, England.

With so many thousands of attendees and with such a prestigious reputation, high quality branding and signage is essential to promote the event effectively and direct attendees successfully around the event too.

Henson Franklyn’s role:

With 25 years of experience in designing this kind of prestigious branding and signage, Henson Franklyn are the ideal match to partner with Badminton Horse Trials.

For this yearly project, all areas of the Henson Franklyn team are involved in dressing the entire event. From concept to completion, Henson Franklyn offer Badminton Horse Trails the full package.

Our services include:

  • Fascia signs and flags
  • Pop up exhibition stands
  • Hospitality fit-outs
  • Full trade stand fit-outs
  • Branding
  • Internal directionals and wayfinding
  • Wrapping
  • Storage

Everything is completed in-house

Not only do Henson Franklyn design each piece, but they make it, transport it to Badminton, fit it and present it at its best too. Then, once the show is over, they break it down and take it away safely to secure storage until it’s needed again.

Being able to offer a full in-house service is great news for Badminton Horse Trials because it means they always know who they’re speaking to, as well as the kind of high quality and efficiency they can expect from Henson Franklyn.

We always go the extra mile to make our clients’ lives easier and we’re proud to work for an event like Badminton Horse Trials; a company that has such high standards.

Watch our video to find out more.