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A Corporate Event Planning Checklist

When planning an event, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the amount of things that need organising. As production partners of so many great brands (and being in the thick of event and exhibition branding since 1991), we know what makes an event a success we’ve put together a checklist to help you tick off each item as you plan.

Checklists are ideal for creating peace of mind before your event, and will help to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Here’s a list of the most important aspects of a corporate event:

  • Venue – This is arguably the most important aspect of any event. How much space do you need? Is there parking available? Does it have a kitchen? Does it have Wi-Fi? Are there multiple rooms? These are all things to consider when booking a venue.
  • Decor and Signage – Decor is important for setting the tone of your event. Will people know who is hosting it? If posting clips and photos to social media, it’s great to have your branding in the background. Signage will help guests navigate their way smoothly around your venue.
  • Food – Food helps to set the mood at any event. Are there any dietary needs? What time of day is the event being held? Will guests be seated or standing? Is alcohol allowed in this venue? Is there a bar? And, importantly, what is your food budget?
  • Activities – Not all events have activities, but if yours does then it’s important to understand the type of space you’ll require. Will you need multiple areas? Do you have enough space for activities? What equipment do you need? Is there an event introduction planned? A timeline is helpful to keep on top of all planned activities.
  • Speakers – Do you have guest speakers at your event? Do they need any technology for their talk? Screens? Microphones? Speakers placed around the venue?
  • Sponsors – If your event is happening due to sponsorships, it’s important to place a good amount of exposure around sponsors within your event. Will their logos be incorporated into signage? Will they have an allotted booth?
  • Security – Security and health and safety personnel are important to corporate events. They will help give peace of mind to both your company and the guests at the event.
  • Transport and Accommodation – Have you put consideration into how people will get to your event? If there is alcohol being served, it is a good idea to let people know about nearby taxi services and local accommodation, to help them plan their evening.
  • Advertising – Not only is it essential to have eye catching advertising in all the right places regarding your event, but it’s a good idea to drum up some excitement. Will there be any special features people should look out for? Are there any contests taking place? Write down your biggest selling points and encourage guests to keep an eye out for them on the day.
  • Post-Event Follow Ups – Following up an event is just as important as pre-event advertising. Surveys are useful to see what improvements could be made in future, and prizes from competitions should be distributed to winners. Posting photos from the event is also a great way to remind people of the great time they had.

If you need any assistance in ensuring your next event runs smoothly, get in touch with our experts on 01427 718718.