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How to compete against big brands (and their budgets) at exhibitions

When it comes to exhibitions, making a good impression is much more important than making an extravagant one.

We’ve used our years of experience to put together some of our best tips, ensuring that you make a big impact against bigger brands with bigger budgets!


  • Create an impact – A design which creates an impact is always the best kind of show stopper and, once you’ve got a person to stop, that’s how you make sales.


  • Tell your story – Vague promotional messages don’t stand out, they blend into other similar messages. Focus on telling the story that only your brand can tell, in the most eye-catching way possible. Story narratives are immersive. They require engagement and that’s exactly what you should be seeking to achieve.


  • Offer a competition – When people see a chance to win something it’s usually a great way to get people to stop. Choose a worthwhile prize, we find this more meaningful than hundreds of cheap giveaways.


  • Offer comfort – Make yours a place that visitors want to spend time. Make them feel relaxed and at ease, don’t trap them or make them feel they can’t get away – it will stop them approaching you in the first instance.


  • Add colour – Colour is equally important. Plain, minimal spaces can dominate exhibitions venues. Brands confident enough to use bold colour will stand out from the crowd.


  • Promote, promote, promote – You could have the most captivating stand at the show, but if you don’t invite anyone to it, then your efforts will be wasted. A fully integrated comms plan, pre, on and post event, with ‘reasons to visit’ and ‘reasons to believe’ will help achieve ROI at all levels.


  • Have fun – Let your team be human. No visitor wants to hear a sales pitch at every stand, so share a joke or a smile, and enjoy the event yourself. Delegates will warm to you this way, plus you’ve worked hard to make your stand a success, enjoy it!

If you would like any assistance with your next exhibition, give our experts a call on 01427 718178, and we’ll be happy to help.