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Common exhibition mistakes and how to avoid them

Trade shows and exhibitions are widely recognised as being a fantastic opportunity to showcase your brand, products and services. However, like everything in life – things can go wrong.

Here at Henson Franklyn, we understand the amount of hard work and effort that goes into planning for an event like this, and so we have put together a list of some of the most common exhibition mistakes and advice on how to avoid them:

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail

One of the most common mistakes made is that people do not allow enough time to prepare properly. Any big event requires appropriate planning: you need a plan of action for the day, as well as a contingency plan for if things go wrong, it is a ‘live’ event afterall! Lots can go wrong.

Make sure everyone knows their stuff

Ensure that each and every staff member that will be working the exhibition is equipped with the correct knowledge to be able to confidently and accurately talk about your products or services and understands the key messages for the event. Whilst exhibiting, you will be talking directly to prospective (and current) clients, and so it is essential that your staff know what they are talking about. Your staff are representing your brand: make sure they showcase it properly.

Tell people you will be exhibiting

This one is an easy one – let people know you are going to be exhibiting. Share it on social media, write a blog post, send out emails to existing clients inviting them to come along. One of the best forms of publicity is word of mouth, so by communicating with existing clients, there is every chance they will tell someone else who might tell someone else and so on. Remember, exhibiting is a brilliant thing to do – but you need people at the venue to exhibit to.

Follow up, follow up, follow up

After all your hard work whilst at the exhibition, do not forget to follow up the leads generated at the event. These are real enquiries that could potentially lead to a conversion, and therefore a sale! We have witnessed awful follow up situations – it is a full circle of activity and failing at the last hurdle is too easy.

Exhibitions can be a positive way to generate new business – so work hard, enjoy it, and reap the benefits.

With over 25 years of in the industry, Henson Franklyn would be more than happy to help you should you want any more information regarding exhibiting. Get in touch today on 01427 718178 or email us on