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We Always Perform At The Windsor Horse Show

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Windsor Horse Show“Henson Franklyn provide a highly efficient service both pre event and on site and are very much considered to be a part of the HPower team.”

Jo Peck, Director Horsepower Group



For over 20 years we’ve been providing branding, signage, flags, directional and informational graphics to the Royal Windsor Horse Show, bringing consistency to the site and to sponsors’ and partners’ signage. Around 60 man days on-site with the planning starting for the next event, the moment the previous one finishes!

Windsor Horse Show  Windsor Horse Show Logo

We produce all signage, backdrops, media interview areas and a myriad of other items. To stay on top of the complex process, we produce a signage guideline plan every year and use our single document approval system to manage multiple sign-off procedures.

View of the Windsor Horse Show from the air

Our in-depth understanding of the event allows us to become part of the event organisers’ team, leading the project in terms of design and production schedules. We also provide informed advice to their commercial partners. Working with our customer not for them.