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The Land Rover Burghley Horse Trials

How to Get Noticed at Burghley

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Burghley horse rider

“We have found them to be both experienced and innovative, working closely with us over a number of years and consistently undertaking everything we have asked of them (and a little bit more!)”

Elizabeth Inman, Event Director, Burghley Horse Trials

Some 180,000 people attend the prestigious Burghley Horse Trials every year. Since 1994 we’ve provided all signage, flagpoles, information signage, directional signage, finger posts, grandstand dressing, scoreboards and big screen branding.


Burghley signageLand Rover signage at Burghley


We’ve designed, manufactured, installed and managed stands for all sorts of sponsors and exhibitors. We’ve been able to strike a balance between what organisers and sponsors need, providing guidance on how to position branding for maximum TV exposure.

Burghley food walk signage

We have detailed knowledge of the nuances of the site. Our familiarity with the venue, event and commercial partners help us to get jobs right first time. We also understand the sheer volume of people involved at the event, remaining on-site to react to the ever changing environment a live event creates.

Burghley course display  Burghley from the air