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Bringing the inside to your outside exhibition space

When it comes to outdoor events, the competition can be very tough. Outdoor exhibitions are often much bigger with many more areas for guests to explore. Plus, an outdoor exhibition space always brings with it some extra challenges that require a little more thought and planning.

Are you feeling a little stuck for ideas within your outdoor exhibition space? Well, don’t worry, Henson Franklyn have all of the experience needed to ensure you can bring the benefits of inside, into your outdoor space. Here are some key things to consider…

1. Is your space adaptable to all weathers?
Suitable shelter is a big must for any outdoor exhibition space, where possible. Weather is unreliable so by providing shelter from rain and intense sunshine, your guests will have a much better time at your stand.

2. Do you have the space to provide some element of seating?
Seating is more important than usual at larger outdoor events. With more areas and stands to explore, guests will welcome some respite. By providing visitors to your stand with a good amount of seating, dwell times will be increased improving sales potential for you.

3. Is your signage produced to protect it against the elements?
Keeping signage and stand graphics in the best possible condition is easy if it is produced ‘fit for purpose’. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that indoor signage will do, or cheap plastic materials will suffice – they won’t! It’s your brand, be careful what you do with it!

4. Don’t compromise your brand image or experience
At Henson Franklyn we have the experience to completely recreate the feel and experience of your brand. We enjoy a challenge and pride ourselves on both the excellent results that we produce and the positive feedback we receive. Through combining your ideas with our expertise, we can create a look that suits your brand perfectly.

If you’d like to discuss your next exhibition or any stand ideas with us, then we’ll be very happy to advise you. Simply get in touch on 01427 718178.