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A wise man once said, “If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito.” We say – if you think you can’t do much with a small trade stand – think again! With careful use of innovative features and clear, eye-catching graphics, you can produce a highly impressive exhibition stand. Your stand represents YOU, and your brand. It’s the first thing visitors see at an event – so you need to engage them and make an excellent first impression.



Here are four tips for gleaning the most from your small exhibition stand;

Functionality rules

There are two things to remember when planning a small trade show booth: your product and audience. With a postage-stamp-sized space, efficiency is your mantra! There’s absolutely no point creating a spectacular stand so eye-popping it causes cardiac arrests if there’s no room to interact with your awe-struck guests. Remember to showcase your brand while simultaneously leaving space for guest interaction. Functionality is key.

Peacocking your product

A trade stand communicates your brand quickly and efficiently, in limited space. It’s an enigma. It’s concise. It’s catchy, quirky and engaging. It requires eye-catching display variations, i.e. shelving, cases or revolving stands to parade your products from every angle. You want to channel your brands inner Bower Bird and ruffle some trade-stand feathers! When done right, your small stand is a tiny pocket of pure potential.

The devil is in the details

Focus on the features that draw the crowd to your space. Like ‘The Purple One’ in a box of Quality Streets, you want to grab the audience’s attention instantly. YOU ARE THE MOST DESIRABLE CHOCOLATE IN THE TIN. You want to be visible, intriguing and enticing from across the room. Use clear branding that’s easily discernible from a distance. Use showy lighting, worked strategically into your exhibit components, i.e. backlighting your rear wall and illuminating your graphics.

A tasty treat – the side hustle cafe

After hours of walking, perusing and interacting at a trade fair, your visitors are going to need an energy boost. This tactic is a bit of a cheat – but who doesn’t like free snacks or coffee? Especially as the day draws on. You can entice several visitors to your stand by offering mini coffee’s or snacks – nothing gigantic – just a small bar where visitors can grab their goodies. Brand your cups and plates – even, brand your sugar sachets! Plus, in the time it takes to drink, eat or serve your product, you’ll have time to engage with your prospects and leave a lasting impression.

If you would like any further advice on ways to make your trade stand shine, get in touch with our experts on 01427 718178.