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The benefits of wayfinding signage for events

When it comes to event signage, one of the most important to consider is wayfinding signage. Good signage will help attendees navigate easily around an event or venue, but if it hasn’t been planned or well executed, it could cause problems for both you and your guests.

Wayfinding signage should be more than functional. It should be clear, concise and able to guide people smoothly and effortlessly as well as providing an opportunity to add event dressing as well as sponsors exposure. The last thing anybody wants at an event are guests who can’t find the toilet facilities.

We’ve put together a list of tips and benefits for you to consider to get the most out of your wayfinding signage:

  1. Visibility and reinforcement
    You need to leave a positive impact in your guests’ minds. Clear wayfinding signage, that is well designed, will help to reinforce the quality of your event. The more visitors enjoy an event, the more likely they will spread that message.
  2. Improved visitor experience
    Poor wayfinding signage can be frustrating for visitors. It only takes one bad experience for it to be tainted, so consistency and careful planning with signage is worth every minute.
  3. Improved staff efficiency
    Visitors aren’t the only ones to benefit from excellent wayfinding signage. Staff will find the event much easier to learn the way around and the names of the different areas and routes. An efficient team means happier visitors and, overall, a much more successful event.
  4. Reduced maintenance and administration
    Getting signage right first time saves you time and energy in the future, but it needs to be thought out. Keep the messages simple and clear – it is ‘wayfinding’ not listing every event and location – stick to the major areas and the basics.
  5. Enhanced visibility within the event
    During a busy event, it’s important to make sure information and brand are clear and simple. By using branded signage, helps improve brand visibility and create the correct impression with guests.

If you’re considering wayfinding signage for your event, get in touch with our team at Henson Franklyn and we’ll be happy to share our expert advice.