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Are you Roadshow ready?

The busiest few months of roadshows are almost upon us, are you fully prepared for what they will bring?

Planning for any event is difficult and requires a lot of organisation but when that event or show is taken on the road, there are even more moving parts to keep track of.

Whether your roadshow is a single time location or in multiple venues with multiple timeframes, they all follow the same set of principles. So, no matter how complex your show looks right now, good quality planning is the key to smooth sailing.

Don’t worry, we’re here to help you with that plan. We’ve put this list together to help prepare you for your upcoming roadshow.

1. List your locations and do your research

Each location will have different requirements. As well as planning your roadshow logistically, make sure you keep track of what each location requires and if there are any notable differences to adhere to. Time frames will be different and event organisers and venues apply their own rules – read the paperwork!

2. Set an overarching goal

What do you want to gain from your roadshow? Do you want to extend into further regions? Are you looking to build a bigger audience? Would you like to boost sales? Set an overarching goal, make specific, measurable, achievable, and results-oriented criteria and then make sure everybody works towards the same goal. What is the desired outcome?

3. Practice interactive experiences

If you have plans to get audiences involved with your stand, then do a trial run to not only make sure it runs smoothly but to explore the best ideas before you take it on the road. Gain feedback before testing it with real audiences, before rather than during the tour. This could make all the difference to your success and more importantly make you look good on the road.

4. Is there someone you could partner with?

Partnering with another company in a regional area instantly doubles your offering and promotes your business. Even if you team up for a short period to offer a short workshop, you will increase your potential audience and gain more valuable insights from that location too. Plus, locals will appreciate your efforts and the research you’ve done into discovering which companies they like.

5. Promote locally as well as nationally

Look into all advertising channels of each location you’re visiting. Take advantage of all possible marketing channels to let as many people as possible know that you’ll be stopping by a city near them. Use local social media hashtags and maybe even book some event ambassadors in that local area.

6. Consider using Ticket Boost Ticket

Boost gives attendees rewards for promoting your event. When they register for your event, attendees have the option of sharing a special link on their social media. If someone else purchases through that link then the original purchaser gets a discount. It’s a very handy event app that could easily help promote your event.

If you’re looking for a team of experienced roadshow experts to help with your event, find out more at or contact us on 01427 718178 and we’ll be happy to help.