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It’s all about Ruby

We’ve always believed that office dogs are a great addition to any team and office environment.

Whenever we visit our clients, for example, we love when they have a furry office companion that comes over to greet us. Not only are office dogs a great talking point and comfort to staff, but they make a great first impression to guests too!

Research shows that dogs are great for office moral and can encourage employees to take much needed breaks, as well as get some welcomed exercise when walking them.

You have probably seen blogs from one of our much loved Henson dogs, Marmite. We do however have many four-legged friends running around our premises, so we thought it was time to give another pooch the spotlight…

Introducing Ruby!

Ruby, dog

Some of you may have met Ruby before as she generally lounges around our main office area, but we thought it was high time she had her own post to celebrate her key role within our team.

Ruby is such a big part of our office environment here at Henson Franklyn, and has a few roles of her own too.

Ruby’s roles

Not only is she Head of Barketing and Branch Manager (sorry), but she’s renowned for eating any left over lunches to reduce office waste. A keen planet-saver and recycler – She loves to fish for food out of our office bins, loves being made a fuss of and she enjoys nothing more than a long adventure out in the wonderful areas of land around Henson Franklyn.

Ruby knows a thing or two about pleasing a crowd too, so she might even share some of her top tips when it comes to attracting an audience at your next exhibition.

Next time you stop by the office, make sure you say hello to Ruby!