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5 ways to create innovative event way-finding

Way-finding signs are an essential part of all events. People need to know how to find major areas of your event, what’s on and what not to miss. But, why settle for the same signage year after year, especially if it’s very similar to everyone else’s.

The key to great successful messaging is to stand out and keep it simple. So, here are 5 ways to be different and produce effective way-finding this event season:

People power – If you have the staff numbers, then there’s something incredibly reassuring about having a real person there to ask for help and direction. A simple hat, t-shirt, flag or handheld sign can make someone more approachable and help them stand out in a crowd. It worked in 2012 in London and it will work for you.

Make it fun and rewarding – Leave fun clues around the event, theme it with visual images, make finding what your customers are looking for (or even more way-finding signs) fun and rewarding. With a consistent theme, your consistent brand, such as fonts, colours and logos can give attendees a helping hand to make them enjoy your event even more.

Think outside the box – Why not get creative and try using alternative methods of signage such as sculptures, plants, grass or graffiti. Blackboards with chalk can be easily reused and can have alternative messages throughout the day.

Light the way – Lights, neon signs and projections stand out much more than regular signage. Humans are used to looking at lights for direction, such as exit signs and traffic lights, so light naturally draws the eye. Not much use in the sunlight, but great for indoor and evening events!

Digital signage – Digital signage is great because not only does it stand out and light up but it can be customised to sections of the day and therefore made more pertinent through the day. They allow you to offer more information too, such as guest speaker information and maps of the venue – allowing you to direct guests to the activity of your choice.

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