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5 tips to inspire the perfect alternative giveaway for your next exhibition

If I were to be given £1 for every personalised pen, cupcake or plastic bag full of paper I’d ever been given at an exhibition, then I’d be a very rich man indeed.

Trouble is, I can honestly say hand on heart, that 99% of the run of the mill giveaways have never captured my attention, they were never read or remembered, and ultimately ended up in my bin.

But of course, we all know that one of the easiest ways to attract people to your stand is to seduce them with a freebie that they’ll want to take away, and one that keeps reminding potential customers how incredible you are long after the event.

Are you planning an exhibition, desperate for some alternative ideas to break through the noise of other marketing clutter, googled it, and then landed on this page? That’s great because you’ve come to the right place.

Here are our 5 steps to thinking straight and clearly when looking for the perfect giveaway for your next exhibition:

  1. Be bespoke
    Make sure you choose a giveaway that’s unique to you, clearly articulates your brand and your objectives. Always chose a giveaway (in truth a brand artefact) that is yours and communicates your message or brand clearly.
  2. Get into the mind of the receiver
    Step into the shoes of your visitors: ensure your stand design and objectives are set for an iconic and memorable engagement. Your brand artefact should reflect you and the objectives of that activity. Thinking of the outcome will always influence the choices at this stage. Something small, effective and memorable.
  3. Get creative
    Choose something that leaves a positive and memorable experience of your business. If your company was a person, what type of personality would it have? Is it:
  • Fun? How about a personalised game or boredom buster? Something designed to put a smile on faces that reflects your company.
  • Solution focused? Choose a giveaway that’ll make your customers life a little easier.
  • Innovative? Choose an inspirational gift that will leave them wowed, something they can build or something to challenge their mind, perhaps a puzzle or a word game?
  1. Make it useful or memorable
    If it’s useful they’ll keep it and reuse it. If it’s memorable they won’t forget it and you’ll be front of mind often.
  2. Think quality
    Most importantly, make sure the quality of your giveaway reflects the quality of your business. As with exhibition objectives, it might not simply be a numbers game, quality, meaningful items given to a few might well produce more business than a large collective free for all. This may be the first encounter they have with your brand – make it memorable for all the right reasons.

Good luck on the day! Let me know how it goes on Facebook or Twitter @HensonFrankyln

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