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5 reasons why you should be exhibiting

What does it mean to exhibit?  

Exhibiting: a brilliant opportunity to showcase your brand, showcase your products and interact with potential customers.

Should you be exhibiting? Yes! And here’s why:

It’s a great opportunity to speak directly

People who attend exhibitions generally have an interest in what is being exhibited, meaning by booking a stand and taking the opportunity to showcase your brand and services, you will be interacting directly.

You can close and start sales at exhibits

Many trade show attendees want to take advantage of the different offers and prices that are available at the exhibitions. With this in mind, you should be able to close some great deals at your stand as some people are ready to invest there and then, others it maybe the beginning of a slow burn longer term deal. It is all about looking your customer in the eye and getting to know what makes your product better than your competitors.

Exhibiting provides a great chance to conduct product demonstrations

Product demonstrations are a great way to increase engagement at your stand as it provides the customer with an opportunity to physically touch and hold your product. Whilst demonstrating how your product works, remember demonstrations are about outcome not simply ‘it does this’ – more ‘if you use this you will have the benefit of this’!

You can obtain customer feedback

Exhibitions provide a great opportunity to get honest feedback from your customers. You can create a short survey to complete with the attendees. Make sure you ask them what they think is working, and what they think could be better.

Feedback from customers can be extremely valuable as this is where you learn about any preferences or frustrations of your target market. Feedback is no use though unless you action it.

Exhibiting is an opportunity to check out the competition – and maybe even get some ideas from them

Whilst at the exhibition, take advantage of the fact that you will be surrounded by your competitors. This is a great chance for you to see what they are doing, see what they are selling and see exactly how they are showcasing their products and their brand. You might even be able to get some tips from them!

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