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5 great ways to attract people to your exhibition stand

With so many exhibitors at trade fairs, it’s more important than ever to make sure your stand (and your company) stands out amongst the crowd.

After visiting a few shows you become familiar with popular, crowd-drawing tactics, but then they soon become the standard. How do you make sure you’re different?

Well, we’ve put together a list of 5 great ways to attract people that you may not have thought of yet. They’re modern, they’re a little bit sneaky and, more importantly, they’re very effective.

  1. Come up with a game

A lot of exhibitors give away freebies or raffle-type contests, but why not offer your visitors the chance to play a game? Instead of simply picking out a raffle ticket from a jar, why not create a ‘hook-a-duck’ style game and stick each ticket to the underside of each duck? Try to think one step further than other exhibitors and find a way to keep guests on your stand for longer.

  1. Get in touch with trade publications before the show

Pre-show promotion is a great way to attract a new crowd. By writing a press release before the show starts, to announce a new product or service or promotion, this could lead to a lot of interest or maybe even clinching a new deal before the show begins.

  1. Offer free Wi-Fi at your exhibition stand

3G coverage is often patchy at events, especially at events with a lot of attendees using 3G at the same time. By offering free Wi-Fi you’ll generate a lot of physical traffic to your stand, and you could even use it to generate leads by asking users to create an account with their email address in order to log in.

  1. Talk to bloggers and influencers before the event

Similar to trade publication journalists, it really does pay off to do some ground work before an event. Bloggers and online influencers are often far more accessible and responsive to messages than journalists. By offering them a free day out to the event, you could ask them to share their experience on the day.

  1. Create an entire area just to give attendees an escape

Sure, many stands will offer seating and coffee. But, how many offer incredibly comfy sofas and an oasis of calm during a bustling exhibition? The positive association they’ll make with your brand will be worth resisting the urge to bother them while they’re resting. Make sure they can see your company name and logo, and then ask them for nothing more.

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